Tell pictures.
Paint stories.

What can you expect

A family team culture

We are very transparent and like to share our knowledge. Flat hierarchies and authenticity make it easy to work together.

Work must be fun. We celebrate our successes and recognize the achievements of our colleagues.

Create, with passion

the team has different strengths. We want to promote yours and use them in the best possible way.

We recognize performance!

Saying thank you when someone performs above average is a must for us. At Alice&Bob.Company we say thank you in words and in facts. With great work gear, cosy offices, team events, offsites and many pleasant little things.

Great projects with great customers and innovative technologies

We are the #1 in German Cloud Security. And we are extending our lead because we love and live new technology. We focus on Cloud Security, to make the digital world a little safer. Variety in the projects is guaranteed.

A real chance for your breathtaking career

As a small but growing team, structures change quickly. This is your chance if you want to aim high with us.

Honest feedback is part of our very transparent corporate culture. This is the basis for successful learning and continuous development.

Work when and where you feel comfortable and achieve the best results

Whether in our great offices in Berlin and Hamburg, in the sun in the park or at home. For us, it’s your performance that counts, neither where nor when you work. Always beat yesterday. Come to the office when it makes sense – for you and for us.

Open positions

Your application process in detail

If everything goes quickly, you’ll be in our team in two weeks!

  • Your application
    You send us your documents. We will review them and give you personal feedback.
    Duration: 1-2 days
  • Online Assessment
    Optional: depending on the position, we invite you to an online assessment
    Duration: 2-3 days
  • 1st Interview
    You will be invited to the first interview with the department. You get to know potential colleagues and we find out who we are dealing with. Authenticity and diversity are key!
    Dauer: 2-5 Tage
  • 2nd Interview
    If everything fits up to this point, there will be another interview with a different group of participants. We prefer to have it in person, but due to COVID-19 there could be some limitations. You will certainly get to know other colleagues from the Leadership Team. The aim is to understand whether and how you fit into the team and how you want to develop.
    Duration: 2-5 days
  • Rock'n'Roll!
    You obviously fit perfectly into our team. We will prepare the employment contract for you and send it to you in advance by email. If possible, we will arrange the signing in our office.
    Duration: 1-3 days

Dear professional recruiters and head-hunters. We're doing extremely well without external support, due to our excellent reputation. Please don't send any profiles. Don't call us, we call you!