Phase 02:


With our services, we want you to get warmed up to launch your individual cloud security journey. In addition to warming up for cloud security, it’s also important to get to know each other better. In other words, we do first collaborative workshops. 

Consequently, you’ll get to know us before we work together more intensively. Similarly, we feel the same way. Therefore we assess what your individual cloud maturity level is. After these crucial projects in this phase we cooperative plan the next steps we’re going to take together.

Gartner defines Cloud Security as “processes, mechanisms and services used to control the security, compliance and other usage risks of cloud computing“. But there are different approaches.

Alice&Bob.Company is clearly focusing on Cloud Security topics, especially for Amazon Web Services (AWS). In conclusion, we offer a set of standardized approaches that all have one goal in mind: assess your current cloud security level. As a result, you will receive a prioritized list of findings, with concrete effort estimations.

Security and data protection are given top priority in the development of the group-wide HR Data Science practice. Alice&Bob’s specialization in AWS Cloud Security helps us to successfully implement new concepts and ideas and to protect our data. Customer oriented and committed. Competent and valuable.


Get a detailed overview of your cloud architecture, with identified vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. You will also receive defined clear steps to fix and improve you overall security posture.

A&B security specialist takes over the role of an attacker (ethical hacker) to compromise customers infrastructure and/or application and provides resolution and mitigation measures.

Use this threat and risk based methodology to
identify and evaluate threats to your
digital product. We conduct an agile threat modeling workshop and help you to leverage the outcomes for your product development lifecycle.

gdpr Workshop

This offer includes a training of the management team and product team in GDPR on AWS. Get insights of necessary transformations of your AWS infrastructure into a GDPR compliant state.