Secure cloud migration -
Concept and architecture validation

From datacenter to the cloud - a journey for people, culture& technology



The customer operates a well-known B2C eCommerce platform. The customer built the existing platform very successfully in a traditional data centre managed services set up in the past.

In the past two years, the client was able to gather experiences with some aspects of AWS cloud computing. Now is the time to move all-in.

The customer plans a long term journey to the cloud within the next years.

Due to lack of experience in migrating to the public cloud, the client needs a 3rd party to challenge ideas, concepts and approaches for the upcoming journey.


Initially, the first engagement was planned to have a security assessment on their implementation blueprint, followed by joint multi-account structure workshop.

Nonetheless, during the first kick-off, it became clear that the customer’s team needed a more flexible approach to fit their needs.

Within two workshops, the client presented and challenged concepts, strategies and approaches to migrate their platform into the AWS cloud safely and secure.

Those ideas and concepts have been in detail, analyzed and validated by the team of Alice&Bob.Company.

KMS, VPC, DirectConnect, Secrets, ControlTower, ECS, EKS, GuardDuty, CloudTrail, Config, IAM, Security Hub, SSO, VPN, ELB

Provide quality assurance and set the seal for successful migrations:
let clients do right things right!


Alice&Bob.Company provided quality assurance for the client’s long-term migration vision. The customer received detailed feedback on all of their plans, architectures and designs.

The security architecture of the new platform was by far the strongest pillar of the engagement. IAM, roles, multi-account structure, ControlTower, password- and key-management, auditable and scalable security were the most important topics.

Alice&Bob gave the customers CTO confidence that their newly formed cloud competence team is on the right track to lead his company into a promising cloud future.


Get a detailed overview of your cloud architecture, with identified vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. You will also receive defined clear steps to fix and improve you overall security posture.


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