Come to foresight in Edge and Fog Computing!

Develop a market study concerning the potential of edge and fog computing from a logistics customer perspective




The customer is a well-known provider of transportation & logistic services. The company is already successfully migrated to the AWS public cloud.

While being already successful in their cloud journey, the clients ask themselves, how to benefit from upcoming service innovations and trends.

To have a valid basis for upcoming business decisions, the customer required a market study and potential fog computing technology analysis.


Alice&Bob.Company together with a business consulting partner developed a market analysis for edge and fog computing.

The market study has been developed in five phases following a proven process model.

After a kickoff meeting and the fine-tuning of the topics, the status quo was recorded. Information about service providers and manufacturers, the business models and the implementation and operationalization has been gathered. Based on this information, A&B carried out the study in the analysis phase.

In the consolidation phase, A&B finalized the results. In the lase Phase Alice&Bob.Company presented the results and moderated a value discussion concerning the derived business model opportunities for the client.

AWS Outpost, EKS, Fargate

Discover the business potential of edge and fog computing - make or buy?!


The work results included a vendor overview, derivable business models, and the implementation and operationalization of Edge and Fog services.

The study was a crucial component of a customer’s board’s proposed decision to invest in these areas.

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