Customer success story: 100% PCI DSS compliant, while saving 90% of the costs

Migrating a PCI DSS payment gateway from a traditional datacenter to the public cloud

Financial Services & Insurances

mikroworx GmbH


The mikroworx GmbH is a cloud-born payment gateway provider. Their business model is to provide payment gateways as a service to support financial transactions.

While having their previous payment gateway within a traditional old-school data center and managed services provider, their new platform was meant to leverage the full power of public cloud services.

Nonetheless, starting a cloud journey requires new expertise in technology and a mind-shift in the approach of building a platform.


Alice&Bob accompanied mikroworx GmbH during their entire journey, from architecture across implementation until PCI DSS 3.2 certification.

With this AWS services like EC2, S3, custom hardened AMIs, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, GuardDuty, CloudFormation, Systems Manager, Lambda functions and Inspector were crucial for successful implementation.

CloudFormation, Lamda, CloudWatch, EC2 Systems Manager, GuardDuty, Custom AMIs, CloudTrail, Web Application Firewall

Shifting the workloads from an on-prem to AWS mikroworx reduced the monthly infrastructure costs by 90%.


Mikroworx GmbH built a freshly new, cloud-born and PCI DSS compliant payment gateway services in less than 12 months, supported by Alice&Bob.Company.

Due to the scaling and automation capabilities, mirkoworx avoided large front-up investments in static infrastructure like servers and storage systems. The cloud approach resulted in 90% less monthly costs compared to the classic managed hosting approach from previously built payment gateways.

The Alice&Bob.Company acts 100% customer focused, very professional, reliable and quick. It is a pleasure to work with these guys. I am happy to be a public reference.

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