Accelerate secure product development beyond lightspeed

While opening up an account at AWS requires only a credit card, having it set up secured requires experience and rare specialists know-how.

Young product teams focus on creating the best products in the world and don’t have the time to leverage the cloud benefits experimentally. 

When launching products, product owners need the flexibility in ramping up and down resources, compute but also staff.

The Secure Quickstarter is a perfect solution for young startups and innovative business departments. They can easily take advantage of AWS cloud portfolio while having security preconfigured. This gives enormous speed and reduces risk.

With this customers can accelerate their product development, while staying secure, instantly. Alice&Bob.Company provides a pre-configured
automatized cloud environment enhanced by security best practices to avoid common pitfalls.

what you get with this package

In addition to our Core Services customers can book Optional Services. A&B offers the following Optional Services:



Spin up individual infrastructure in a multi-account environment and enjoy the benefits of a 100% capsuled platform and autonomy. This gives you the best combination of flexibility, security and individuality with the possibility to implement sophisticated compliance requirements (GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, …).

Free IT resources and increase productivity of your DevOps teams. Quickly and seamlessly outsource IT operations and enhance your security posture continuously. Experienced operations experts provide best practice consultation to get the most out of your platform.

We’ve been the first AWS partner in DACH, focussing crystal clear on Cloud Security. We’re providing cloud security expert advice to C-level executives, management roles, product teams and engineers. We integrate and enable.

ID As A Service

Okta is designed to be easy to deploy, but not all implementations are created equal. You might be starting with 100 users and a single application—or you may be wrangling 5,000 users, multiple domains, and many applications. Whatever the situation, you can be sure that we have the right solution! 

AWS WAF Consulting

The AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF) offers first line of defense to protect you and your workloads and to control which traffic reaches your endpoints. We are experienced in developing and deploying AWS WAF configurations, tailored to your company needs. Let us support you in integrating AWS WAF in all of your critical traffic ingress points. 


The AWS RDS Service offers a huge variety of relational engines and security features out-of-the-box so your application runs smoothly and in a safe manner . We are experienced in developing and deploying AWS RDS configurations tailored to your company needs.