Quality assurance for large-scale cloud deployments

HAVING A&B AS 3rd PaRTY TO ENSURE a maximum level of quality while migrating to the cloud.

Public sector


The customer is a German corporation under public law. Even though they perform professional self-administration tasks for the German economy, they are relatively progressive compared to other public sector institutions.

Starting their journey into the cloud, they mandated a cloud managed services company to design, implement and run their environment.

Nonetheless, due to a lack of in-house technical expertise, they had significant challenges understanding and evaluating working results from these managed services and consulting agency.

The customer needed an independent third party, who was able to challenge the agency, verify and approve working results, and show additional improvement potentials.


Alice&Bob.Company partners with this customer for more than a year.

In this context, A&B advises and supports the customer as a trusted advisor, advising him on planned expansion projects and technical innovations.

We focussed on operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimization. In regular meetings, the customer receives a status overview of assessing the current maturity of the cloud implementation.

Besides, Alice&Bob.Company carries out security assessments and presents concrete, prioritized recommendations for action with associated cost and effort estimates.

Kubernetes, Windows, Linux, Well-Architected Framework

Alice&Bob.Company is a trusted advisor for current and upcoming secure cloud migrations, leading to reliable planning and investment security.


By bringing in Alice&Bob.Company as a third party in an already started cloud migration project, the customer could noticeably increase the overall project’s quality.

First of all, concrete security issues were identified, tracked and – among other things through the introduction of DevSecOps and security automation – sustainably eliminated.

However, security is only one relevant quality dimension for successful cloud migrations. The holistic consulting approach of Alice&Bob.Company was based on the Well Architected Framework from AWS. A&B achieved an overall improvement in operational excellence, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimization during the cloud migration.


We’ve been the first AWS partner in DACH, focussing crystal clear on Cloud Security. We’re providing cloud security expert advice to C-level executives, management roles, product teams and engineers. We integrate and enable.

Cloud Security Posture Management

Keeping visibility and enforced security across public cloud accounts – probably across multiple public cloud vendors with the right tools: facilitate a managed Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) service by Alice&Bob.Company.