Cloud enablement for a leading US technology vendor

Enable a German sales division of a US technology vendor to become and sell "cloud-ready"

Technology vendor


The customer is a globally leading technology vendor, belonging to the fortune 500, typically selling into data center environments.

They have different products and solutions with a strong security focus.

As a result of the companies global strategy, the customer intended to focus on a significant increase in cloud sales activity.

According to the client’s management team, neither the German sales staff nor the presales engineers felt prepared to start their cloud journey successfully.

Additionally, acquisitions of other tech companies had created a heterogeneous, partly overlapping and – from a customers perspective – confusing portfolio.


Alice&Bob.Company performed a series of enablement workshops, precisely tailored to customers need.

The workshops have been delivered remotely in different phases.

In a first transition phase, the know-how transfer from the client to the Alice&Bob.Company team took place. The focus was set on the presentation of the vendors’ products and services and the structure of the sales organization.

In the second phase, customer employees pitched their cloud portfolio in fictitious queries.

The third phase was dedicated to training and enablement. Alice&Bob.Company held four workshops for more than 40 participants.

The sessions had the topics

  • Evolution of Security
  • Scrum & Agility
  • Cloud Buying Personas
  • Development and presentation of cloud security use cases
ELB, WAF, Marketplace, Shared Responsibility, Agile Software Development concepts & roles

Enablement for agility and modern cloud security concepts - Workshops and training improved the clients cloud and security posture significantly


Alice&Bob.Company delivered a thrilling cloud enablement journey, to a demanding customer.

The workshop was meant and perceived to be a good mixture of knowledge transfer, interactive session, encouragement and external feedback.

All participants confirmed that they felt ways more confident concerning understanding and pitching cloud technology. The customers’ entire management team was delighted and scheduled follow-up projects.

4.3 stars out of 5 were the average rating from more than 40 participants.

"This was overdue for a couple of years! Many thanks to Alice&Bob"
"A very interactive cloud experience sharing"

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